Querying for non-null orders discount code doesn't work in Admin GQL API

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Based on the docs https://shopify.dev/api/admin-graphql/2021-10/queries/orders#argument-orders-query, `discount_code` is a valid query argument. The following query should've filtered out the orders without discount code, but it doesn't.

  orders(first: 10, query: "discount_code:*") {
    nodes {

Instead it shows orders where discount code is `null`(see screenshot)


Same query on another field `source_identifier` works fine.
Was able to reproduce the issue on https://shopify.dev/graphiql/admin-graphiql , the official Shopify GraphQL demo site.

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I don't have a solution but bumping this in case someone picks it up... 


I've got a similar problem where I'm trying to select only email orders (not phone orders) and I'm trying: 


orders(first: 10, query: "email:*") 


To select orders where email is not null, and it's just returning all orders regardless...