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Hope someone can help me.


I am in a project that is using the Admin REST API to automate tasks from an resource management software to the shop. The thing now is we need four options for variant creation to be on API calls don't know for sure if three options is a restriction of the Admin REST API. There is a even more difficult thing that is POST product images and on that process assigns multiple images for each variant. It is possible to do with the Admin REST API and i am not getting how?

If it is not possible with web requests. Is there possible ways to do both?


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Hi @Tiago6, at the moment variants can only have 3 options, this is a setting that is reflected both in the merchant facing admin and in our APIs. There's a bit more information on this here in our merchant-facing documentation on this.


With our REST API, you can only associate one image to a variant per each API call. There is a way to associate multiple images with a variant using our GraphQL Admin API though, if you would like to look into that as an option. Another forum user wrote a bit more about that in this post here

Hope this helps! 

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