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"fulfillments" status is "success" ,but the order "fulfillment_status" is null

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“FulfillmentOrder” status is “in_progress” ,and "fulfillments" status is "success" ,but the order "fulfillment_status"=null, I tried FulfillmentOrder and Fulfillment. All interfaces cannot modify the fulfillment status of the order.

order:  5224631992612   





If I use the fulfillments.json API, an error will be reported: {"errors": ["Cannot create fulfillment for the fulfillment order."].
If I use the fulfillments/id/cancel.json API, an error will be reported: "errors": ["Validation failed: Quantity can't be greater than remaining sufficient quantity"].
"Fullment_orders/id/open.json, fullment_orders/id/close.json, fullment_orders/id/cancel. json, fullment_orders/id/hole. json" all report an error.


Question: How should I complete the reservation and which API should I use?


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As long as the "Fulfillments. json" API is used for shipment, then "Fulfillment_order_line_items" does not enter parameters, and the order has two or more sub-items, this problem will occur! These logistics cannot be deleted on the shopify backend, and all APIs cannot operate to repair orders. This is a very serious bug!!!

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Hi @xu, There's a couple of things we noticed here. Please be aware that there is a deprecated call for updating line items fulfilment, and ensure you are using the correct call. 


Also the example you show there has a fulfillable quantity of -1. So it may be unfulfillable due to this. When the items are unfulfilled the expected value returned for order.fulfillment is NULL.


  • fulfilled: Every line item in the order has been fulfilled.
  • null: None of the line items in the order have been fulfilled.
  • partial: At least one line item in the order has been fulfilled.
  • restocked: Every line item in the order has been restocked and the order canceled.

Hope that helps!

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