REST API - Problems with Meta Key Length

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Hello community, 


hope someone can help me here. 


In our set up, we connect our Shopify Plus Store to our PIM (Plytix) the REST API connected via a developed app I set up to generate the API code. 


Since yesterday 6pm UTC+2 (That is when I first noticed) the Logs in Plytix have given me this type of errors: 


Error with metafield {'namespace': 'tech_data_awards', 'key': '100', 'value': '{"title": ""}', 'type': 'single_line_text_field', 'ownerType': 'PRODUCTVARIANT'} from product with SKU=AS01-0: SKU "AS01-0": tech_data_awards.100 Error metafield <PRODUCTVARIANT>:<tech_data_awards.100>|field <Key> must be between [3, 64] characters|Key invalid <100>


PRODUCTVARIANT.tech_data_awards.200: Error metafield definition <tech_data_awards.200>|field <Key> must be between [3, 64] characters|Key not valid <200>

This has never happened before and I haven't done any changes do the stores. In fact, we have 4 different stores and these errors appear everywhere. Logically, the errors do not make any sense, because 100/200 etc have 3 characters. 
Any idea, what might have happened here? Thank you for a quick help. This really creates a lot of problems.
Thank you and Regards
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Hi @MaxB_TG,


When testing directly to the Shopify REST Admin API creating metafields that have keys of 3 digits on product variants is working normally so we're not able to replicate an issue there.


Hope you have a great day,

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