Searching for Order ID with only the Checkout Number

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I am trying to get WorldPay Offsite to work and send the user to the order status page (so a conversion tracker script can run), but the tech support on WorldPay are adamant it is not possible on their side and I can only send then to static urls. 

In that case, is there a way for me to query the API to get the order ID using only the Checkout number/ Checkout ID? As my train of thought is as I only have access to the Checkout Number on Worldpay, I redirect the customer to a custom page (with the checkout number in the parameters) which has a script that takes the parameter from  the url and queries the API for orders with the checkout number of X. This would be expected to be only one, and this means I can get the order ID and create a string to redirect the customer to the order status page of that specific order ID. 

Is this possible to do?

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