Seeking Alternative Solutions for Automatically Applying Discounts Based on User Behavior

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Hey there,


I am currently developing an app that monitors user behavior on our site and automatically applies discounts to their cart based on their interactions. The goal is to offer a seamless and personalized shopping experience for our customers.


Initially, we thought that the Checkout API would be the best solution for our app, as it allows applying discounts directly to the cart token. However, we recently learned from the Partner Support Team that access to the Checkout API is limited to sales channel apps using the Payment Processing SDK, which is not accepting new applicants at this time.


Given this limitation, we are seeking alternative solutions or workarounds to achieve our goal of automatically applying discounts based on user behavior, without requiring customers to manually enter a discount code during the checkout process.


We have already considered the Discount Codes API and Draft Orders API but found that neither of these options provides direct access to the cart token or the desired level of automation for our app.


If any fellow developers have encountered similar challenges or have suggestions on how we can approach this problem, we would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations. We are eager to find a suitable solution for our app and provide an enhanced shopping experience for our customers.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Best regards,


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