Send data from external website (non-shopify) to shopify and process it

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i am trying to figure out if it is possible to click a link on an external page (non-shopify) and then get redirected to a shopify cart and simultaneously add 5 products to the cart?


So my main problem is to send data like product.ids from Page A (non-shopify) to Page B (Shopify store) and use those product.ids to add them all to the cart. Also the data needs to be dynamically readable by shopify since it would be a configurator on the external page.  



For visualistation, i want the process f.e. to be like this:


External page [product.id1,product.id2,product.id3 ....] --> Shopify --> match ids --> Send all products to cart --> show Checkout --> Checkout --> get redirected to External page


Is there a way to do this?

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