sessions/ visitors data through Admin REST API

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Is there any way to get sessions/ visitors data with Admin API?
I managed to get Orders data, but have not found a way to get sessions/visitors data.
Is it possible?
Or what's the alternatives to get that data automatically?

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Hey @Mardo

Thanks for getting in touch! Alas, there is no Session and conversion data currently available via the API. The Orders API does indeed contain a "referring_site" field, but there is no other analytics data exposed via the API. There is some development currently underway in the Analytics area (we're aware it's desired feature) but I wouldn't be able to provide an ETA.

Hope that explains a least! Thanks!

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@Luke_K how long will it take to read session data via the API? Or are there any updates? THX 

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Same question here. This is super relevant for all brands. 

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Also following as these metrics are important for multiple use cases.

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We are getting the same request from all our Shopify Plus customers. 
Any ETA that you can provide would be appreciated.