Sharing variant inventory between locations

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We provide fulfillment services and I've built an app which registers a FulfillmentService via REST API. However, I've just found that a given variant's inventory can't be shared between a fulfillment service location and other locations, as other questions here on the forum have covered. This is something we need to support.

I was told via chat with Shopify support that I should create a regular Location (presumably via the merchant admin dashboard, as it appears these can't be created via API), and, if it is done the right way, variants can be stocked at multiple locations. So far so good, I can see this reflected in the admin dashboard.


However, it was confirmed that we as an external fulfillment provider could still obtain the same flow provided by FulfillmentService (AssignedFulfillmentOrders, fulfillment notification endpoint etc). This isn't what I'm seeing with the new Location; there is a button for Fulfill Item, instead of Request Fulfillment.


I've tried creating a FulfillmentService with the location_id of an existing location (undocumented) and this didn't seem to do anything. How can I both: a) achieve the external provider fulfillment flow we need, b) allow inventory to be shared between our location and other locations?

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