Shopify Admin REST API(2022-01) Orders not returning all order/order updates.

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My goal - Get ALL orders, ALL statuses updated within a specific period, regardless of the limits. 


Version - 2022-01

Pagination process - I get the rel="next" link from the header and use that to paginate.

Yesterday I noticed something very weird. I made two calls. 


1. orders.json?updated_at_min=2022-03-02T04:06:37-08:00&updated_at_max=2022-03-03T04:06:37-08:00&status=any&limit=50


2. orders.json?updated_at_min=2022-03-02T04:06:37-08:00&updated_at_max=2022-03-03T04:06:37-08:00&status=any&limit=5


--> The only difference between 1. and 2. is the limit parameter.


What I noticed is that there are some orders that show up in 2. that do not show up in 1.  For some reason, in 1., the next page links(rel="next") just stops abruptly, even if there are more orders within that period, as per 2. 


Any ideas how I can resolve this? This wasn't happening a week or so ago. Before last week,  the above calls I mention generate the same data (just more pagination for 2.)


I tried removing the limit parameter but that does not solve my issue.

I tried different length of time periods, it does not solve my issue. 

Any help is appreciated.


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Quick followup, I also noticed  that for a specific time range, some orders show up in 1. (Bigger limit) but don't show up in 2. (smaller limit). No other parameters were changed. 


Any help or direction on this is appreciated!


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Hey @pramodmna ,


Can you let me know if this is still actively occurring for you? And if so, can you pass me some x-request-ids from some recent (7 days or newer ideally) API interactions where this occurred?

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Hi Graham, Thank you for your response.


It was an error on my end. I was not handling the pagination headers in the links accurately due to which it was skipping the last page. There was a format change that I wasn't accounting for previously. 


There was no issue on Shopify's end.