Shopify API: 500 Internal Server Error

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I am trying to create some smart collections using the Shopify API as noted here:[post]/admin/api/2021-10/smart_...


I am able to get a list of smart collections but cannot post any new ones. I am using PHP cURL. I saw some examples of using PHP cURL for this request but I still have this issue. I found a post that mentioned that a possibility might be too many frequent API calls at a time.


The X-Request-ID is:



Here is the cURL response from Shopify:
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 19:52:35 GMT Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Transfer-Encoding: chunked Connection: keep-alive X-Sorting-Hat-PodId: 225 X-Sorting-Hat-ShopId: 62118428898 X-Shopify-Stage: production Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self' data: blob: 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' https://* shopify-pos://*; block-all-mixed-content; child-src 'self' https://* shopify-pos://*; connect-src 'self' wss://* https://*; frame-ancestors 'none'; img-src 'self' data: blob: https:; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; upgrade-insecure-requests; report-uri /csp-report?source%5Baction%5D=create&source%5Bapp%5D=Shopify&source%5Bcontroller%5D=admin%2Fsmart_collections&source%5Bsection%5D=admin_api&source%5Buuid%5D=7896b1fa-4bc9-4383-ae1f-d7d52ef2f3cb X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff X-Download-Options: noopen X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies: none X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block; report=/xss-report?source%5Baction%5D=create&source%5Bapp%5D=Shopify&source%5Bcontroller%5D=admin%2Fsmart_collections&source%5Bsection%5D=admin_api&source%5Buuid%5D=7896b1fa-4bc9-4383-ae1f-d7d52ef2f3cb X-Dc: gcp-us-central1,gcp-us-central1,gcp-us-central1 X-Request-ID: 7896b1fa-4bc9-4383-ae1f-d7d52ef2f3cb CF-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC Expect-CT: max-age=604800, report-uri="" Server: cloudflare CF-RAY: 6cb8725489747c27-LAX alt-svc: h3=":443"; ma=86400, h3-29=":443"; ma=86400, h3-28=":443"; ma=86400, h3-27=":443"; ma=86400 {"errors":"Internal Server Error"}


Thank you.


- UTVHouse

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