shopify app and sales channel.Must be a sales channel to get StorefrontAccessToken?

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We are building an app and there is a feature in the app: it is possible to create a customer with a password.

After our research, we found that the app needs to have "unauthenticated_write_customers" access scopes. And need to use storefront api. For details, please refer to this link:


However, when we tried to do this, we found that shopify asked us to generate a "StorefrontAccessToken". Because we use the app's "AccessToken" will be told 403.


So we continued to study "StorefrontAccessToken", when we tried to create a "StorefrontAccessToken", we found that it must be a "sales channel" to create a "StorefrontAccessToken", because we received this error "App must have a channel record to create a storefront access token."


Our question now is, do we have to create a "sales channel" instead of an app to generate a customer with a password? (Because as far as the current functionality of our app is concerned, creating an app is enough, and there is no need to create a "sales channel" at all)


We also researched apps with the same function, they don't seem to be "sales channel", but these apps can also achieve the functions we need, we are curious how they do it.


Also, can you tell us the difference between the shopify app and the sales channel, can the sales channel do all the functions that the app can do, because when we try to turn the app into a sales channel, shopify tells us that it is irreversible, so We feel like figuring that out before making that choice.


We have some doubts about this issue and hope you can help us.


best wishes!

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