Shopify creating Usage Charge having price more then the capped amount value

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I have created a recurring charge with capped amount of $49.99. I checked the Recurring Charge API and its showing capped amount correclty ($49.44) in the result.


However, when I try to create a usage charge above $49.99 say, $486.72, the usage charge is getting created without giving any error regarding the capped amount exceeded and when I pull up the Usage Charge API result I can see the balance remaining as some negative number.


array (
'usage_charge' =>
array (
'id' => xxxxx,
'description' => 'xxxxxxx',
'price' => '486.72',
'created_at' => '2021-11-26T04:34:51-06:00',
'billing_on' => '2021-11-26',
'balance_used' => 491.71,
'balance_remaining' => -441.71999999999997,
'risk_level' => 0.0,


Why its creating the usage charge above the capped amount? How can I restrict to create usage charge upto capped amount only?

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I check the balance_remaining before trying to create the usage charge. Perhaps that's why I haven't encountered that error. I don't think it is safe to rely on the Shopify API to catch that situation (which I think it should check and return error) I have an uneasy feeling about possible bugs (edge cases?) in RecurringApplicationCharge & UsageCharge so I strongly suggest checking what you reasonably can, and logging responses in case of disputes.


I've also had another case of balance_used, balance_remaining not updating properly which is even more difficult to catch.

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