Shopify fulfillment api returns forbidden

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I am currently trying to create a fulfillment from my custom API used as a custom APP on my Shopify store. I am trying to add the tracking info to be able to fulfill the order when the info is added to my local database. We are creating the shipping label from our warehouse using a custom system that cannot integrate the Shopify label and shipping system. 


When I am trying to create the fulfillment using the fulfillment API I am getting a 403 forbidden error. I am using the same authorization as other places in my API and we have the advance plan.

Here is the documentation I am using. I am using the create new fulfillment option.


Can anyone think why I am getting this issue?

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Shopify Partner
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Was there any fix? We're seeing the same 403 with after a "POST /admin/api/2022-07/fulfillments/FULFILLMENT_ID/update_tracking.json