Shopify Fulfillment Integration Without Endpoints

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Hello All,

Can we do a Shopify integration where we entirely manage the pull for orders, and push for inventory and shipping entirely on our end without the need for endpoints?

It appears to be best practice (or a requirement) to utilize endpoints, and may be what we eventually decide to do. However, the way we would like to set up our Shopify API integration to work with our current and future Shopify clients is that we build out our fulfillment API calls with just a few config changes per client and no changes to an API endpoint on our end. We're using a tool to manage our API calls that does not have a built in way to act as an endpoint, however it can make all the necessary requests we need on a schedule.

Our intention is to pull the orders on a schedule to start the fulfillment process and then push updates on a schedule for inventory and shipping. We are checking with the client on frequency of update, so any additional information that you are aware of on limitations we'd encounter handling this process entirely on our end would be helpful and appreciated.

If this is possible but also not a good idea, we'd like to know why so that we can factor that into our decision making. 

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and expertise with Shopify integrations.



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