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After developed multiple apps for our store, such as product listing app, connectors for our erp, and some other internal apps. We found it is fraustrated when your app needs to get product's metafield and translations. Therefore, our apps usually ends up with combination of graphql calls and rest api calls in our custom sdk. Such as, add fixed prices, register translation.


Also when we works with third-party apps like Nosto, when we asked if we could display translated product title on our product recommendations, they told us to put translated titles in metafields so they could get them from webhook. Seems like this is kind of pains that many developers have been suffering from.


It would make our lives much much much more easier if we could get metafields of product within get product's rest api call. Also, if Shopify could add translation to rest api will be perfect. Because when we customize the store, we use tons of metafield to store required informations, such as SPU, fabric, size charts and etc. When we try to access a product, which requires at least 2 rest api calls, one for product info and one for metafields. If you need another informations, such as translations, then you may ends to 4 calls.





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