shopify odoo integration

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Work on shopify odoo Connector and i got on issue while fetching data.


once i get data from shopify in odoo it's provide all the data in odoo on odoo button click.

after once if i click again on button all the data fetch again but i only need the data which is new and not get before


Now the problem is when i sync all the data get from API but i only want to new record from API, so i need to exclude some of ids when i Call API again

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There are a few ways to integrate Shopify with Odoo. One way is to use a third-party integration app. There are a number of these apps available, and they can vary in terms of features and pricing. Some popular integration apps include:

  • Odoo Connector: This app allows you to synchronize your Shopify products, orders, customers, and inventory with Odoo. It also supports automatic stock updates and order fulfillment.
  • Shopify Odoo Connector: This app is similar to Odoo Connector, but it also includes features for managing payments, taxes, and shipping.
  • MESA: This app is a more comprehensive integration solution that can connect Shopify with a variety of other business applications, including Odoo.

Another way to integrate Shopify with Odoo is to use the Shopify API. This is a more technical option, but it gives you more control over the integration. You can use the API to synchronize data between Shopify and Odoo, or you can use it to build custom integrations.

Here are the steps on how to integrate Shopify with Odoo using the Shopify API:

  1. Create a Shopify developer account.
  2. Generate a Shopify API key and secret.
  3. Install the Odoo Shopify Connector app.
  4. Configure the app with your Shopify API key and secret.
  5. Start synchronizing data between Shopify and Odoo.

Once you have integrated Shopify with Odoo, you can use the combined power of the two platforms to improve your business operations. For example, you can use Odoo to manage your inventory, track your orders, and generate reports. You can also use Shopify to sell your products online and manage your customer relationships.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Shopify with Odoo:

  • Improved inventory management: Odoo can help you track your inventory levels across multiple channels, including Shopify. This can help you avoid stockouts and ensure that you are always fulfilling orders on time.
  • Better order management: Odoo can help you track your orders from start to finish, including order status, shipping information, and payments. This can help you provide better customer service and avoid delays in order fulfillment.
  • More accurate reporting: Odoo can help you generate reports on your sales, inventory, and customers. This data can help you make better business decisions and improve your overall performance.

If you are looking for a way to improve your business operations, integrating Shopify with Odoo is a great option. The two platforms can work together to help you manage your inventory, track your orders, and generate reports. This can help you provide better customer service, avoid delays in order fulfillment, and make better business decisions. You can follow best erp blog to get more updated about Odoo.