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Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to call any mutation (paymentSessionResolve, etc...) on php from payments app api at this endpoint => (https://{shop_domain}/payments_apps/api/2022-10/graphql.json), the response is a HTML which says "Access denied - you don't have permission to access this website", I'm sending the shopify token but not even checks if it is valid... I made a test on graphql admin api endpoint and it returns a message when is not valid token.


But if I do the same graphql request on postman, it works perfectly... the mutation works and generate an order on shopify admin dashboard.


To call other mutations (createproduct, deleteproduct, order, etc...) from admin graphql api at this endpoint => (https://{shop} I don't have any problem, I do on php curl and postman and both works well.


I appreciate if anyone help me on this.

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