Shopify Refund API Shipping Amount Clarification

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I have a question regarding the Shopify refund API, specifically the Calculate Refund endpoint. The shipping parameter that you would set has two properties, amount and full_refund, which clearly means either we issue a full refund for the shipping amount or set a specific amount to refund for the shipping amount. My question is, is there a way to calculate the specific shipping amount on a per line-item basis through the Shopify API? From my understanding the Order object that is returned after calling the Retrieve A Specific Order GET API, returns an order object that has an array of line item objects. Each line item object contains an array of tax lines that specifies the tax amount for that specific line item as opposed to the entire order, which provides a clear path on how to calculate the tax amount for that line item. However, I haven’t been able to find a similar option regarding the shipping amount. The order object contains an array of shipping lines however, it’s only applicable to the full order. There isn’t a breakdown of shipping cost on a per line item basis like there is for the tax amount. Is there anything currently within the Shopify API that solves this issue?

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