Smart collection REST order endpoint updates the positions on store admin but not on the frontend

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We are using the order.json endpoint in the API version 2020-07 (link) for updating the product positions in smart collections. Since this morning, the updates only reflect on the store admin section for the respective collections but not on the front-end.

We also noticed 2 other things:

1. Updating positions on the admin section works

2. Updating positions through GraphQL "collectionReorderProducts" endpoint works

Since our shopify app is currently using the REST endpoints and not GraphQL, what can we do to make it work?


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Have you found a solution to this problem? I am having the exact same issue. Using the REST API, the products are reordered in the admin panel but not on the site itself.
Re-ordering using the admin panel does update the site.

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Apparently, the issue hasn't been fixed yet. But thanks for pointing out that GraphQL works, worth trying to implement it rather than waiting for Shopify to fix the REST API 😕

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This issue is still not fixed today.