Splitting order with FulfillmentOrder workflow

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We have some fairly complex fulfillment rules based on inventory, product type, warehouse proximity and warehouse workload, and frequently have to split orders to fulfill them from different warehouses.  We are currently doing this using a custom Order Export service that creates one or more Fulfillment objects for each order that is attached to the appropriate warehouse.  But we've been getting warnings that the Fulfillment API (2020-07/orders/fulfillments) is being deprecated in January, and I've been trying to figure out the best path forward.  According to your documentation, the warehouse is now attached to a FulfillmentOrder object, which is created automatically and there doesn't appear to be any way to manually create a second one to split an order.  So I have two fairly urgent questions:


1. Is my call to 2020-07/orders/fulfillments going to start failing on Jan 1, or will it continue to work just no longer be maintained? 

2. Is there an undocumented API call that can manually create a second FulfillmentOrder?  I understand that I can create multiple fulfillments for a single FulfillmentOrder, but they are all tied to the same automatically assigned location, which doesn't meet our needs


I'm open to any alternative ways to satisfy our requirements, but need to know the level of urgency. Thanks

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Hello, We have the exact same trouble, I been looking everywhere but cannot find any information on creating another FulfillmentOrder so I can "split" an order and ship the items from different locations. Anyone can help?