Stripe charges/payment intent with strange ‘order_id’

Stripe charges/payment intent with strange ‘order_id’

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I noticed some Stripe and PayPal charges/transactions that the order_id/invoice_id is with the prefix of ‘p’.
Usually, the prefix is ‘c’ because it stands for checkout (the checkout id of Shopify order,, but what is ‘p’ stands for? 
Maybe the payment object of Shopify?
Maybe it indicates that the checkout/payment was created with a third-party app like Recharge?

For example: 'p1027508764856.1'.  


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A customer of one of our apps just brought this up as well. Can't find anywhere in the API docs where this is coming from and I'm curious what the "p" stands for as well.


Normally, the Payment Reference column in the built-in Shopify export uses the checkout_id with a "c" prefix.


But the checkout_id field in the Order API has a different value. I inspected the raw Transaction API data and I also don't see that ID with the "p" prefix anywhere there.


Maybe a Shopify employee can explain what this is and whether this can be retrieved from the REST API?

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