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Submitting an evidence via the API

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As I can see over here: Upload evidence 

Theres a new endpoint in the unstable version that enable us to send it via the API

I've made the auto chargeback using the test card code 4000000000000259

Im working with the unstable version of the REST API in postman, trying to submit evidence for the chargeback id 9052586146 and i get an error: { "errors": "Not Found" }


In curl as well:

curl -X PUT "https://<my-store><chargebacknumber>/dispute_evidences.json?dispute_evidence%5Brefund_refusal_explanation%5D=Product+must+have+receipt+of+proof+of+purchase" \

-H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: <my-token>"


{"errors":"Not Found"}                                                    





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