subscriptionBillingAttemptCreate missing billing name

subscriptionBillingAttemptCreate missing billing name

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When some orders are generated via the subscriptionBillingAttemptCreate mutation on some orders billing names are missing on the generated order in Shopify.


The subscription contract stored in Shopify has all the user data including the names and the names are correct on the delivery address.


I've looked but there doesn't look to be a specific query that can be used to update billing names?


Has anyone else experienced this or know if you can in-fact stipulate billing names for customers via the admin API?



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We are desperate for a solution to this as well. Please help @Shopify 

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We're going to need a little more info for this issue - could you please fill out the Report an Issue form found under the Partners Support section? Any additional information you can provide around this issue would be very helpful in diagnosing the issue. 



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