The force_ssl field has been removed, though I can't see that I'm using it

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Hi, I got the notice that the force_ssl field will be removed on 4/1/22.  I'm getting the notice for a very specific private app that I developed.  I've searched through all my code and force_ssl is not referenced anywhere.  Additionally, I'm using the new python ShopifyAPI library version 10.0.0, and I searched through all the code in the library to confirm that force_ssl is not referenced anywhere.


I can check the deprecated_api_calls endpoint and it shows that I've recently used force_ssl.  But then I run my application (which is fairly simple -- download orders, upload tracking and fulfillment confirmation) and the timestamp does not update.  Then, sometime later when I'm not looking, the timestamp updates.  I can't tell if this is an artifact of deprecated_api_calls showing delayed info or if there's something else going on.


What on Earth could be using force_ssl??  I'm not using it in my code, the python library doesn't contain a reference to it in the source code for the library, and yet the email warning shows my application as the offender, and when I check deprecated_api_calls using my application's key/password, it shows recent usage (though not as recent as the last time I ran my application).


Any suggestions on where to even start looking?



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