There MUST be a way to add a Shipment Tracking Number / URL to an order?

There MUST be a way to add a Shipment Tracking Number / URL to an order?

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It's always blown my mind that from the Shopify Admin UI you can very simply add a Tracking Number and Tracking URL to an order with a couple of clicks.

However via the API this has always historically been done by creating a Fulfillment on an Order but with the deprecation of "raw" Fulfillments this now means adding shipment tracking details is a bizarre and convoluted process of registering a fulfillment service provider, assigning SKUs to the provider and then attaching a fulfillment to the orders fulfillment_orders.


Shopify support have unfortunately been very dismissive of this and just suggested using the fulfillment service approach above but our customers simply want to be able to update tracking information, nothing more, nothing less.

Please save me from going insane 😞 


Thanks for any

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That bizarre approach is only if you are a fulfillment service provider, if you have a order management app there is no registering of fulfillment service provider stuff, just a bit different method of fulfillment once you get used to it you will see that it actually does make sense.. never the less...


If the order has been fulfilled already and you just want to add the tracking information to the order there is an endpoint for that which is pretty easy.





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