To fetch added collections, product category & tags from my Shopify app

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Im working with fetching all added collections, product category and tags. Here I want to map the product we have against these fetched master ids of collections, product category and tags for easy search for users.

For this -

  • To fetch collection_listings from shopify Im using =>


Im passing access_token as header in this GET method API
But Im receiving error message as  [errors] => Not Found, Sometimes getting 401 error as well
Note: Im not using libraries of Shopify, using direct simple CURL method to use this API

I have tried by changing API version also 2022-10,2022-07,2023-07 - But all gives same error.


  • And is there any other API s to fetch product_category_listing and tags_listing from Shopify. Please clarify

Can anyone help me to resolve this.


Thanks in advance.


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