Trying To Sort A Collections Products With The Api

Trying To Sort A Collections Products With The Api

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using the php api i am trying to get a product collections products in the manual order that is set via shopify rest api.

But... The api only returns the products in alphabetical order, which is not what I want, can someone help me out with this and let me know what variables i need in my api call to achieve this?

I want to sort order below sort key sort_order

alpha-asc: Alphabetically, in ascending order (A - Z). alpha-desc: Alphabetically, in descending order (Z - A). best-selling: By best-selling products. created: By date created, in ascending order (oldest - newest). created-desc: By date created, in descending order (newest - oldest). manual: In the order set manually by the shop owner. price-asc: By price, in ascending order (lowest - highest). price-desc: By price, in descending order (highest - lowest).

There is given exmaple to sort order but i dont know to use this in rest api

Please me if any one know about it thanks to advance to help me


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did you ever find the solution to this? having same difficulty of using sort_order to sort fetched collection products