Unable to bulk update variants by bulkOperationRunMutation with php SDK

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Hi there, I'm trying to bulk update product variants by 2021-07 version, bulkOperationRunMutation and php SDK. I run the stagedUploadsCreate mutation first to get stagedUploadPath, and I use the stagedUploadPath in following bulkOperationRunMutation mutation call.  I just started with GraphQL and shopify, and I'm really confused about this problem. Would someone help me to find a solution or direction to solve it?


I tried to use GraphQL as below (It's partial code), but it returns code - INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR:

mutation bulkOperationRunMutation(\$stagedUploadPath: String!) {
mutation: "mutation call(\$input: ProductVariantInput!) { productVariantUpdate(input: \$input) {product {id} productVariant {id} userErrors { field message}}}"
stagedUploadPath: \$stagedUploadPath


This is the error I got: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PHPShopify\Exception\ApiException' with message 'message - Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end.
Request ID: 7b41797c-8cf9-4893-bd68-c9b3810c527f


This is the SDK I used: https://github.com/phpclassic/php-shopify

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