Unable to test appSubscriptionCreate in development store.

Unable to test appSubscriptionCreate in development store.

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I am using the Graphql api to try and set up my recurring billing for my app using the appSubscriptionCreate mutation.
I have the mutation all correct according to the docs, and the app is installed into a development store that is owned by me.

I actually get a response with an ID for the charge and no errors from the mutation post.

Even with the test: true flag enabled I just cant do a complete test cycle and am redirected to the following screen.

Upgrade your account
The operation could not be completed because of the following restrictions in your current plan:

Your plan does not allow Shopify App Store purchases. You can upgrade your plan to enable Shopify App Store purchases.

As account holder you can change the plan at any time.

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I stuck to this issue too

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I tried everything and cant resolve this with Graphql.

I ended up swapping back to the REST api for billing and it works as it should.

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This is likely careless messaging from Shopify API.

You should confirm you are not using a user token to create the subscription, instead use the shop token. I had this issue as well, switching to the shop token let me create it. 

Only the shop owner has access to create billing subscriptions.

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Setting test: true solves the issue for me, however I still think that Shopify developers should follow how the Billing API used to work.

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I still get the exact same error message even with test = true.

This is ridiculously frustrating, especially that shopify dev support doesn't seem to bother to respond all this time.