Unable to update Fixed Price List via GQL priceListFixedPricesByProductUpdate

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Hi, I'm trying use a shopify catalog to manage a separate price scheme for our wholesale customers.  I figured I could just add every item with a fixed price to that catalog so that way wholesale customers would get that catalog price aka the wholesale price.


I'm using https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-graphql/unstable/mutations/priceListFixedPricesByProductUpdate


This is the error I'm getting:


{"priceListFixedPricesByProductUpdate":{"priceList":null,"pricesToAddProducts":null,"pricesToDeleteProducts":null,"userErrors":[{"field":null,"message":"No update operations are specified. `pricesToAdd` and `pricesToDeleteByProductIds` 
are empty."}]}}



And here's my code:


async function mutation_UpdateCatalogPrice(productId,wsprice){

    const UPDATE_CATALOG_PRICE = gql`
        mutation priceListFixedPricesByProductUpdate($priceListId: ID!) {
            priceListFixedPricesByProductUpdate(priceListId: $priceListId) {
                priceList {
                pricesToAddProducts {
                pricesToDeleteProducts {
                userErrors {
    const inputVariables = {
        "priceListId": "gid://shopify/PriceList/30721769755",
        "pricesToAdd": [
            "price": {
                "amount": wsprice,
                "currencyCode": "USD"
            "productId": productId

    const queryData1 = await gqlc.graphQLClient.request(UPDATE_CATALOG_PRICE, inputVariables)



I've got dozens of other query set up like this but the error I'm getting doesn't make sense. I have "pricesToAdd" in my variables but it says very clearly that it doesn't see it.  I tried passing it into the query in other ways with still no luck.  I'm on 2023-07.  I've also got the correct scopes I think... I'm not sure what


"Also: The shop has the international_price_overrides or Markets or B2B features enabled, or the user has edit product price permissions."

means but I'm sure I have it.


I appreciate any help, thanks!

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