Unable to update theme translations to shopify if the digest changes before translations are ready

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We have an issue with use case which is usually common for themes translations. Briefing issue as below:


1. Customer submits a theme e.g. XYZ-Theme for translations for language e.g. German

2. Now translations are being made in translations portal which usually may take few hours to few days to get completed depending upon the volume of content to be translated.

3. While the translations are in progress, customers may make any changes in a particular theme element which results in change in digest value of that particular key.

4. When the translations are completed and being pushed back to shopify we get an issue as below: 



 "response_data": {
        "status": 500,
        "responseData": {
          "translationsRegister": {
            "userErrors": [
                "message": "Translatable content hash is invalid",
                "field": [




Is there a way we can go ahead and update translations even if the digest value has changed after submitting for translations.


Looking forward for help in this regard.

We had created a ticket 26710377 earlier but were recommended to post this query here.


Thank You

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