Unable to update variant after 2022-07 upgrade and enabling 'permitsSkuSharing'

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The error is as followed from Shopify:

Inventory management is Ois-service, so fulfillment service must also be Ois-service

All the products in this shop are managed by a fulfillment service. One thing I notice is that when I query the variants of this shop, that the fulfillment service handle is LOWERCASED:

  "node": {
    "id": "gid:\/\/shopify\/ProductVariant\/42588544270495",
    "inventoryItem": {
      "id": "gid:\/\/shopify\/InventoryItem\/44729101910175",
      "tracked": true,
      "inventoryLevels": {
        "nodes": [
            "id": "gid:\/\/shopify\/InventoryLevel\/100052336799?inventory_item_id=44729101910175",
            "location": {
              "fulfillmentService": {
                "handle": "ois-service"


This variant was created before 2022-07, so it was not using "inventoryActivate". But it was working correctly on 2022-04.


Variants that were created _after_ 2022-07 using inventoryActivate with the FulfillmentService.locationId for its InventoryLevel do not have this issue.


Any call to update the variant in the above example is met with the aforementioned error. Not sure if the error having "Ois-service" instead of "ois-service" is the issue? Or whether that is Shopify's error capitalizing it for display purposes. I never changed the handle of the FulfillmentService. This isn't even something that can be changed by users. What gives?


Why am I getting this issue? I think started happening when I enabled permitsSkuSharing


Example API call X-Request-Id:0a79a688-f491-4643-8312-e8af4fab3d54

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