Unclear how I can activate a web pixel extension for an existing app?

Unclear how I can activate a web pixel extension for an existing app?

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Hi, I am following the tutorial for getting started with web pixel extensions and I'm stuck on step 6.


What I can't figure out is how to run the GraphQL query that activates the extension.  I've tried running it using cURL, and I've tried installing the GraphiQL app on my shop and I executed the query there.  In both cases I got an error:


Access denied for webPixelCreate field. Required access: `write_pixels` access scope


That kind of makes sense to me because it's not the GraphiQL app that I gave `write_pixels` access to, it was my own app when I followed step 2.


So does this mean I somehow have to execute that GraphQL query from inside my own app?  That's not really straightforward to do with my app, which is why I had hoped to use cURL or GraphiQL.


One other question - we have a lot of existing customers who use our app and currently that app does not ask for the `write_pixels` access scope.  To add a web pixel extension, will I have to upgrade those scopes and prompt all our customers to expand their permissions?


Thank you for any advice, I am a newbie to web pixel extensions 

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Hello there  


To activate a web pixel extension for an existing app, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a web pixel tracking platform such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics that is compatible with your app.

  2. Install the web pixel tracking code provided by the platform in your app, either by integrating it into the app's code or using a third-party plugin or extension.

  3. Configure the web pixel to track specific events within your app, such as page views, button clicks, and conversions.

  4. Test the web pixel to ensure it's working correctly by verifying the data it collects in your tracking platform's dashboard.

  5. If necessary, optimize your app's conversion funnel based on the insights gained from the web pixel tracking.

Note that the specific steps to activate a web pixel extension may vary depending on the platform and app you're using. You can refer to the platform's documentation or support resources for detailed instructions.


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