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   In the store activity log I am getting "Unknown event Metafield#create..." whenever I create a metafield using the rest api though the metafield was successfully created. The message seems truncated. Where can I get more information on this message? What does this mean?



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I have the same issue on my end. It started April 22 and we didn't change anything in our product creation script. It just started showing the same truncated "Unknown event Metafield#create..." log in shopify admin activity section. The products being created doesn't seem affected though, it all works fine, metafields included. It also does not raise any errors during product creation in the script. Only the activity log shows the truncated error in shopify admin. Anyone have an insight why this happens?

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Same issue as well, one of my app's customer is facing this issue but I can't seem to replicate on my own test store, I am really frustrated

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We are also starting to get these activities and it happens when we update our customer record and product metafields manually inside Shopify. It started happening this April and we are not using any integrations on our Shopify store, is there any explanation from this on Shopify?

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I would imagine that they have to know about it by now.  Would be nice to hear something from them.

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Started receiving the (almost) same message.  Here it is : "Google Unknown event Metafield#create..."  
and also this one : "Product Reviews Unknown event Metafield#destroy..."

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Anything new so far? we are seeing this too, it started from April 18th and we still can't figure out what's causing it, Shopify said they are checking on it, but its been 3 weeks now with no response...