Unskippable Information Step of Draft Order Checkout

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We recently built a private/custom app that uses the Draft Order API to populate some custom information into a draft order, then navigates the user to this draft order's checkout page. The app would sufficiently populate fields such that the first "Information" step of checkout was fully populated and thus skipped; however, beginning on July 27th 2022 we are no longer experiencing this skip. Instead, all of the billing address fields EXCEPT Country and Province become blank upon moving to checkout.

This is strange because upon observing the full JSON data that Shopify returns after generating the draft order we can see that the billing address fields are initially accepted and appear in Shopify's response as expected. We tried testing without any custom billing address and with the default address enabled instead with the same broken, unskippable results.

I reviewed the documentation for the draft order resource in case a documented change had occurred that affected our previously-working setup, but found nothing. It has a link for an example of a draft order with custom billing lines, but the link leads to nowhere and does nothing, unlike most of the other ones above it:

Has anybody else been successful in skipping the "Information" step of a draft order's checkout within the last three weeks? Is anybody else aware of hidden/undocumented changes that were recently made to the draft order API endpoints? Let me know if we can provide any further context.

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