Update a set of products or variants instead of one at a time via API

Update a set of products or variants instead of one at a time via API

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Does the API support updating multiple products at the same time?
I can update individual items but given that we are passing the object with an ID, I'd like to be able to do batch updates.


At least 100 records at a time if possible.

The same is true for deleting products.

When initially setting up a customer, this is more reliable than using a flat file to transfer data.

Consider a client with 50K skus that is onboarding, at the current rate limits that would take 20 hours to process just for adding the products, let alone handling stock, variants, etc.

But if it's batches 100 at a time, it would only take 12.5 minutes.

I notice that it also seems to take just a long when using a flat file but in reality these updates should be easy and fast to make when done directly in Shopify.


Now most of the time this isn't necessary, but there are lots of cases where you can end up with larger volumes of data that you need to move and need something that is more efficient than single object api calls to do it or it needs to be respond faster and have a much higher rate limit.

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Hi @amiddles 👋


Shopify Admin GraphQL API supports bulk operations that are built to handle large volumes of data by design. Using `bulkOperationRunMutation` and the `productCreate` mutation, you can bulk import products asychronously. Bulk operations should be able to process a 1000 node batch with relative ease.


Hope that helps!


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