Updating an order risk is being failed

Updating an order risk is being failed

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To update the order risk, I do this:

client = ShopifyAPI::Clients::Rest::Admin.new(session: session)
response = client.put(path: "orders/#{order_id}/risks/#{risk_id}.json", body: { "risk": payload })

But it always prompts 401 unauthorized.

If you report this error, please include this id: b073b240-346a-4fd8-85fa-5fc2b7e62ade.

My request id is


Any help would be great.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi remy727,


Thanks for your post. Please ensure the following (related docs: [Order Risk PUT - Shopify Dev Docs]):


  • the App has the write_orders scope on the store in question, 
  • the order ID is valid, 
  • the Order Risk that's attempting to be modified was created by the same app that's attempting to modify it 

If all of those are ok then please reach out [to Partner Support using the email option] and select the 'App Development & API' topic for further assistance. Please be sure to include details about the specific store, which App was making the API call, as well as a date/time/timezone for the request id.

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