Updating Quantities in Multiple Location in Bulk

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We have a large number of products which makes the use of REST impossible to create or update, so looks like using GraphQL is the only option for us.


We have multiple warehouses  across North America which fulfill our orders.


To create or update some aspects of our products and variants we used productCreate or productUpdate mutations , both of which are white listed for Bulk Operations .


The Problem 


The immediate problem I have is that inventoryQuantities , a member of ProductVariantInput is only an input while creating variants. This means we can supply values for all warehouses at the time of creation , but since we sell on other marketplaces, we need to update these values , which according to the document , and in practice we cant due to the limitation that input is only used at the time of creation of variant.


Through inventoryItem, we can find Objects like InventoryQuantity, but I cant see a way to update these using a bulk operation in 2024-01 version of the GraphQL API.



Another problem is that even the above method  will be deprecated in [2024-04] and I don't see another method to do it via bulk operation .


Any help in the regard is greatly appreciated.


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