Uploads to shopify.s3.amazonaws.com via GraphQL Media Upload Process fail

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Following the instructions on https://shopify.dev/api/examples/product-media I'm running into timeout issues when using PUT and access-denied errors when using POST.


When using PUT, I have my timeout set up to 60 seconds, and it's still timing out.  It's only a 1.2MB file, hosted on an AWS server, so that should be nearly instantaneous.

When using POST, I'm getting 'Access Denied' errors.  No idea why.  I'm submitting all the headers that are being passed back via the first request, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong there. I'm using PHP and cURL to perform both of these request types.


I have a screenshot below of some of my debugging efforts.  If someone could write some example PHP code on how to make this work properly, I'd be grateful.  Thank you.


Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 4.22.18 PM.png


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