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I am trying to create bulkOperationRunMutation for updating Shopify products

For this, I am trying to upload the data to the Google Storage bucket so that Shopify can fetch the data from that bucket and run the bulk operation query. In cURL, it is working fine but when I try to send the POST request using Python, it is giving me an error: <Error><Code>InvalidArgument</Code><Message>Invalid argument.</Message><Details>Cannot create buckets using a POST.</Details></Error>



url = "https://url_to_bucket/"
    'Content-Type': 'text/jsonl',
    'success_action_status': '201',
    'acl': 'private',
    'key': 'upload_path_on_the_bucket',
    'x-goog-date': '20230404T073135Z',
    'x-goog-credential': 'merchant_credentials',
    'x-goog-algorithm': 'GOOG4-RSA-SHA256',
    'x-goog-signature': 'signature_token',
    'policy': 'policy_token',
    'file': 'file_contant'
headers = {
  'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data'
response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)



cURL Code:



curl --location 'https://url_to_bucket/' \
--header 'Content-Type: multipart/form-data' \
--form 'Content-Type="text/jsonl"' \
--form 'success_action_status="201"' \
--form 'acl="private"' \
--form 'key="upload_path_on_the_bucket"' \
--form 'x-goog-date="20230404T073135Z"' \
--form 'x-goog-credential="merchant_credentials"' \
--form 'x-goog-algorithm="GOOG4-RSA-SHA256"' \
--form 'x-goog-signature="signature_token"' \
--form 'policy="policy_token"' \
--form 'file="file_contant"'



I have tried the documentation of Shopify and Python to make a multipart/form-data request but nothing worked for me.

Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you.

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Hi @navneetkmr 👋


One method is to use `urllib3` to form-encode your parameters. Here is an example implementation:


staged_upload =

data = staged_upload.json().get("data")
staged_target = data["stagedUploadsCreate"]["stagedTargets"][0]
target_params = staged_target["parameters"]
signed_url = staged_target["url"]

multipart_formdata = {p["name"]:p["value"] for p in target_params}
multipart_formdata["file"] = (test_filename, open(test_filename, "rb").read())

http = urllib3.PoolManager()
r = http.request(


Hope that helps!


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