Using Rest API to update multiple inventory_item_Ids at once

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Hi all, 


Just wondering if there is a way to call the REST API to update inventory in bulk rather than individually? I am quite new to API's etc and utilising these but can fumble my way around. We've got a Shopify store that is linked to our brick and mortar locations and the current integration for a single site takes around 20 hours to complete for a single store. Getting that down to a more manageable amount would be great!

From looking at the REST API documentation it looks like there isn't an option with the REST service to have an array in the request to enable the input of multiple inventory_item_Ids. 



If this isn't possible - how do some of the bigger online stores with multiple fulfilment centres, who have thousands of products etc, keep their inventory in sync? 


If anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great!




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Hey @Jentsch ,

In a case like this, most users will typically utilize GraphQL over REST, due to the greater flexibility. We wrote up a blog post offering insights on how to leverage GraphQL for quicker and more dynamic inventory adjustments - check it out: BLOG

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Absolutely! I have a store with > 10,000 products, and therefore many more SKUs than that. Outside source of inventory has 78,000 barcodes to use as a reference for quantity. All in all, using the Shopify bulk inventory update in GQL, I get those products all updated in < 300 seconds. No longer do you need to wait 20 hours!


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