Using Shopify Node API to access REST ADMIN with Custom App

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I have installed the @Shopify/shopify-api library to my nodejs project. I have also created a custom app on my Shopify store which generated an Admin API Access Token as well as and API Key and API Secret Key. From what I understand is that if you use the custom app, you only need to pass the access token via the headers. Based on the documentation, it states that the shopify-api library would help ease the auth functionality but I am having issue initializing the connection.


Based on the docs, the initialize needs all of these information, but as mentioned before, I undestand that for custom apps, you only need the access token, since the auth has already been made on the shopify admin manually, is this correct? I was to believe that I only need to pass it the access token.


I want to access the admin api to obtain all my orders and save it in my database.


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