Using the plug-in of Alfred24, the order can't be fulfilled

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I used Alfred24 plug-in to allow our customers to select the courier when they are making the order. Once the order is made, the order received a courier_tracking_number, I believed it means the order is scheduled. 


After we processed the order, we want to fulfil it through the POST method of "https://'api_url'/admin/api/'api_version'/orders/'order_id'/fulfillments.json". It ends up saying that since the "fulfillable quantity must be greater than zero, the line item cannot be fulfilled".


Then I tried another API, method: POST -> "https://{api_url}/admin/api/{api_version}/orders/{order_id}/close.json". According to the documents, this API used to close the order, however, the "fulfillment_status" didn't change to "fulfilled". Read into the response of this API, the "fulfillment_staus" also remain "null", which is out of my expectation.


At last, i tried the third API, method: POST - "https://{api_url}/admin/api/{api_version}/fulfillment_orders/{fulfillment_order_id}/close.json". This API ends up appearing an error saying that 

"The fulfillment order's assigned fulfillment service must be of api type" 


First question: Is the fulfillable quantity of line items equal to zero is because of the plug-in?

Second question: What is the meaning of the third trial error response?

Third question: Is there any way to fulfil this kind of scheduled order through API on our side? Can you provide the reference? 


Thanks a lot!

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