What is the difference about ShopifyQL Products dataset values?

What is the difference about ShopifyQL Products dataset values?

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I'was looking ShopifyQL datasets Products dataset.


But I couldn't find any semantic difference between the values given below.

  • view_cart_checkout_and_purchase_sessions⇄checkout_and_purchase_sessions
  • view_cart_checkout_and_purchase_sessions⇄view_and_purchase_sessions


I have one hypothesis about the difference between view_cart_checkout_and_purchase_sessions and checkout_and_purchase_sessions, but they were denied.


The hypothesis is like that.

1. If customer clicked add-to-cart button and bought them, increase view_cart_checkout_and_purchase_sessions and checkout_and_purchase_sessions.

2. If customer clicked shopify-payment button and bought them, increase only checkout_and_purchase_sessions.Because, customer didn't use cart.


If this hypothesis is correct, if the item only has add-to-cart button, when it was bought, view_cart_checkout_and_purchase_sessions equal checkout_and_purchase_sessions .

Because, the item doesn't have shopify-payment button, so customer can't buy that directly.


However, items with only an add-to-cart button did not show the hypothesized results.


I am confused about these things.

Thank you.








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