What Is The Reason For Returning {"Fulfillment_orders": []} When Querying The Fulfillment Order?

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Hello everyone, I found a very strange problem today. If you use this http interface: /admin/api/2021-10/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json to query the fulfillment order, it will return {"fulfillment_orders": [ ]}, what is the reason, please reply if you know, Thanks.




If the developer of shopify sees it, can you please help me to troubleshoot it? grateful

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Do you have the right permissions enabled for your app?

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I have the correct permissions, the same order Id, I can get the correct response using the http interface /admin/api/2021-10/orders/5260260704552/fulfillments.json, but if I use the http interface admin/api/2021-10 /orders/5260260704552/fulfillment_orders.json and I don't get any response. My program has been using this interface normally admin/api/2021-10/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json


Can you tell me what is the reason? grateful