What's the best way to trigger an install of my Shopify App from my App's UI?

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I'm wondering which is the best and correct way to trigger an install of a public Shopify app on a merchant's store when the merchant is coming from our app's UI. The video on this page shows how Katana does this (start from 1:20, the user has entered their Shopify Store's URL beforehand): https://katanamrp.com/integrations/shopify/


I would like to replicate this behavior for our app.


So far, I've come across these three approaches:

  • Just direct the user to the store page for our app. This requires the user to press the "Install app" button, so that's not the fastest route
  • Redirect the user to `https://${my}.myshopify.com/admin/api/auth?api_key=${api_key}` - this will cause an intermediate page with a single button to be shown, so also not as smooth as in the video
  • Skip right to step 3 of the OAuth installation process. I have not tested this approach, but I suspect this is what Katana is doing above. However, that means we don't have an installation request to verify, so strictly speaking, we would not be complying with the OAuth process Shopify specifies in their documentation.


Are there any other approaches that could be used for this? Which one is recommended?

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