POS Returns or Exchanges Without a Receipt

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Because Shopify POS won't allow returns or exchanges without a receipt/order number, I decided to create a new receipt to get a number. 

But first, I went in to my Shopify POS app Settings to Payment Types, and made a customer payment type called "Special Return Receipt." Save.

Now to do a return/exchange without a receipt, I first "sell" the item the customer wants to return and use Special Return Receipt as the payment and click save. 

Next, I went to that receipt and made the return or exchange. I could even put the amount on a Gift Card.

Is there anything wrong with this method? Please let me know. 

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That is a fine system and a good workaround if you either don’t track inventory or adjust inventory every time you do it since your system won’t affect  the inventory count for the returned item. 


i am still hoping that shopify will make the adjustment to allow us to simply put a negative quantity for an item in a transaction on the app - as is the norm for software built for in person sales, because I don’t want to make my salespeople mess with inventory and we don’t always have one of the business owners on site. 

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Thanks for your quick response. I forgot to mention that you do need to make an inventory adjustment. Shopify really needs to get this straightened out, especially with their enormous growth in POS. Thanks!

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