Accessing data from public endpoints on the store client (QRCODE APP)

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Hi There,


I completed the QRCode test application, which was easy to go through and very well done. Now that I have it up I can't seem to figure out how to dynamically add the QR code to a page in the liquid template. The proxy URL seems to throw a CORS error when hit with JS (which i'm guessing is on purpose by Shopify). I can hit the end points with postman and scan the QR code on my phone. 




Statically adding the the URL to an img tag works fine as well (although not what I need). 



How can I access the data in a liquid template like the products:


i want to do something similar to:

{{ products.product.sold_out }}

but with the qr code

{{ products.product.qrcode.image }}



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