Adding extra address information to a Customer's default address

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Hey everyone,


I am going to be bypassing Shopify's shipping API And pulling my own rates from a third-party logistics provider.  The start of this journey will naturally be the customer's default address, which I will use as their shipping address.  Unfortunately, I need a little bit more info from the user to ensure that we get accurate rates from the 3PL.  Since we are doing LTL deliveries, I need to know whether the location type is residential or commercial and I need to know whether or not the location has a dock.  These two bits of information need to be saved under the customer's address.


Now, I can get extremely hacky and save the two values under the customer's "APT/SUITE" field. From there, I would query the customer's address, parse out the two values and pass them to the 3PL GET request.  Theoretically, I could do this up the char length limit if necessary... but like most us, I want to avoid hacky solutions.


Is there a way to expand upon a customer's default address or am I stuck being hacky?

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